Analyses mysql-slow.log and tweaked my.conf using mysqltuner.pl.

Pushed github.com hosted repo to bitbucket.org using an additional git remote reference.

Updated table_cache and max_heap_table_size on local mysql server.

Tested new postcodes search query.

Helped setup new printer.


Updated logwatch to parse IMAP data better.

Tried introducing a SPAMD filter for logwatch.

Added check_vmstat to Nagios. Updated check_vmstat.

Meeting looking at database normalisation, indexing and foreign key constraints.

Nearly finished work on updating products in the basket.


Started work on check_vmstat.

Investigated missing postcode journey in database.

Meeting to discuss gaining more accuracy in postcode search.

Tidied up shopping basket query and code.

Updated IHeartMugs code to use new Paypal account (and still have access to old transactions).

Started adding functionality to allow order editing after adding to basket.


Fixed bugs in database migration code. Successfully re-ran script.

Wrote PHP script to download ~4000 images from existing website ready to migration along with database.

Spent some time trying to improve query performance and OPTIMIZING tables.

Ran a load more company data queries.

Alpha planning meeting.

Quick look at profit figures, Google Analytics traffic source keywords and Google Trends:


Mused over algorithmically checking for specific hands in Texas Holdem. Possible solutions are that each card has unique value (power of 2) or 2D grids used to create matching patterns…

Lost and tacos.

Progress with Ifttt Twitter->Tumblr recipe script.

Discovered today’s post hadn’t saved. (Re-)wrote this one.


Sorted out 2-factor auth on Google Accounts.

Continued work on new report script, including an ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE query.

Ran script twice with the wrong input.

Planned a tweet parser to post Tweets on Tumblr better.

Nearly completed data migration script, ready for testing.

Updated and defragged desktop at home.

Cooked a kind of prawn linguini thing.

Setup git in Cygwin on the desktop at home.


Re-enabled a self-disabling cron job.

Updated /etc/aliases.db.

Fixed that cron job, turned out % signs need escaping.

Finished up the postcode search code with a sample MySQL query.

Got bogged down in a lot of code changes while bug fixing several bugs at once…

Added some hacks for VAT-free orders from Canada.

Did a wee code review ready for a development meeting tomorrow.

Planned to write an email account settings finder script tomorrow.

Discussed nameserver migration with a colleague.

Started on TexasHoldem.js. Stores, shuffles and deals cards.


Queried the number of addresses not assigned a postcode reference: 99.35% addresses assigned a reference!

Enabled search-by-location using newly processed address data. Fixed queries.

Briefly reviewed SVN log for this month.

Updated Trello and bug/job reporting system.

Planned integration of postcode search solution.

Made and uploaded a few bug fixes.

Added 2 git repos.

Found more bugs to fix while fixing bugs.

Got a lift home, curry out with the boys.


Added some PHP to GitHub.

Got a demo for custom POI search by drive-time working.

Cycled around Warwick looking for hard-drive screws.

Found solution for Putty Connection Manager error.

Installed Ubuntu 11.04 Alternative on USB pen.

Edited the /etc/apt/sources.list file to include “live” repositories when the Ubuntu installation failed due to lack of installation candidates for package dependencies.

Neither Ubuntu nor Grub would boot/load, apparently a kernel panic error, but couldn’t find any useful log data. Will try a clean re-install with tips from here next.

Late dinner and more Lost.


Read up on the Github furore.

Configured logwatch on a server for work.

Investigated slow cp -alR in backintime.

Continued work on MailChimp update script.

Found this entertaining.

Another lunch at Caffè Nero’s.

Updated Parallels Plesk Panel.

Investigated sharing passwords and syncing passwords in a company and found this.

Long and late meeting after work about work.