Sorted out 2-factor auth on Google Accounts.

Continued work on new report script, including an ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE query.

Ran script twice with the wrong input.

Planned a tweet parser to post Tweets on Tumblr better.

Nearly completed data migration script, ready for testing.

Updated and defragged desktop at home.

Cooked a kind of prawn linguini thing.

Setup git in Cygwin on the desktop at home.


Tried out mutt for 5 minutes.

Had a look at SQL injection through HTTP headers.

Analysed and stepped through code to understand database schema/structure/usage.

Looked for learn PHP books/tutorials for a colleague.

Eventually remembered and found this solution for slow mDNS failures in Ubuntu.

Helped integrate postcode driving distance search.

Started on database migration script.

Enjoyed cycling home in the pouring rain and howling gale.

Drinks at the Town House with Nick and Hanna.

More mapstd.com.


How to find plaintext passwords in Plesk FTW.

SELECT accounts.id, mail.mail_name, accounts.password, domains.name FROM domains LEFT JOIN mail ON domains.id = mail.dom_id LEFT JOIN accounts ON mail.account_id = accounts.id WHERE domains.name = ‘yourdomain.co.uk’;