Tried out mutt for 5 minutes.

Had a look at SQL injection through HTTP headers.

Analysed and stepped through code to understand database schema/structure/usage.

Looked for learn PHP books/tutorials for a colleague.

Eventually remembered and found this solution for slow mDNS failures in Ubuntu.

Helped integrate postcode driving distance search.

Started on database migration script.

Enjoyed cycling home in the pouring rain and howling gale.

Drinks at the Town House with Nick and Hanna.

More mapstd.com.


Analyzed output from address processing script which still hadn’t finished having run since 2pm.

Started work on a “small” bug fix. Crappy code.

Lunch out. Discussed how to move forward with a new project.

Backed up server, created two new MBRs using GParted on new HDDs and reinstalled Ubuntu 11.04 with RAID1 (no issues this time for some reason!).

Installed Apache2, MySQL, PHP5, a bunch of PHP5 extensions, SSH, Samba, CUPS, BackInTime, UGet, X11VNC. Began configuration whilst RAID was synchronising.

Picked up from work :) dinner at Char’s and then commuted over to see Safe House at the Showcase in Coventry.


Posted part 3 of my Tetris.js series.

Updated address cleaner/postcode assigner code. Ran update on ~3300000 addresses to test how accurate it is.

Read through the manual for configuration of logwatch.

Read through the first few chapters of the GRUB manual.

Left early from work having stayed til 9pm yesterday attempting to boot Ubuntu.

Watched the Crossroads episode of Band of Brothers.

Shared testimonies at small group.


Added some PHP to GitHub.

Got a demo for custom POI search by drive-time working.

Cycled around Warwick looking for hard-drive screws.

Found solution for Putty Connection Manager error.

Installed Ubuntu 11.04 Alternative on USB pen.

Edited the /etc/apt/sources.list file to include “live” repositories when the Ubuntu installation failed due to lack of installation candidates for package dependencies.

Neither Ubuntu nor Grub would boot/load, apparently a kernel panic error, but couldn’t find any useful log data. Will try a clean re-install with tips from here next.

Late dinner and more Lost.


99% oh yeah!


Worked on MailChimp update testing. Fixed few bugs and rewrote some code.

Ran some reports on company data.

Cycled to warehouse to pick up SATA cables (for free).

Ran a script to get all latitudes and longitudes for postcodes in UK from MapQuest.

After work tried installing 2x 500GB HDDs in degradable RAID1 and re-installing Ubuntu 11.04 system. Came across this bug.

Started Lost season 2.

Setup subversion on new server. Migrated repo from old host to new one.


Assigned jobs raised in last night’s meeting.

Found CNAME lookup failed temporarily. (#4.4.3) error in mail log on server.

Meeting with Chris Knight about stmarysleamington.com.

Finished MC update script ready for testing.

Youth Alpha.

Attempted to migrate my Ubuntu laptop to a VM on my Windows 7 desktop.


Leap day today.

Wrote a basic web scraper in Perl using WWW:Mechanize.

More messing around with postfix and courier as the server couldn’t mount courier’s authdaemon on startup using fstab.

Tried getting a haircut. It was shut.

Wrote code to cache journey distances for a search by “distance from postcode”.

Started work on auto address cleaner/postcode assigner.

More messing around with TLS for Postfix on Ubuntu. And SSL for Courier on Ubuntu. And finally configured virtual mailboxes too. And then debugged “SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to Courier authdaemond: Permission denied” eventually by adding postfix to the daemon group that was assigned to /var/spool/postfix/var/run/courier/authdaemon…

Googled DKIM for Postfix.

Todo: document this whole setup process… somehow.


Fixed some orders with missing info from the weekend.

Investigated weird lookup behaviour on the website.

Altered order as directed by email.

Discussed limitations of SurveyMonkey and MailChimp partnerships.

Had lunch out with Char at Caffè Nero.

Updated local search database.

Tested copying Ubuntu installation to RAID array using VirtualBox and tried installing grub on new RAID setup without a lot of success.

Updated SSL certificates for SMTP server on customer’s Mac.

Added static pages to my github repository.


Spent most of the day trying to assign postcode IDs to a large set of messy addresses.

Deleted old stuff off office server.

Finished configuring courier and postfix to allow authorised smtp relaying.

Configured pure-ftp on Ubuntu.

Helped resolve some jQuery callback issues.

Investigated Open Source server management software.

Asked the Internet about migrating OS install to new RAID array.

Raced Cat home from Warwick.

Youth Alpha weekend away started. Fun filled evening of pool, table football, Dominoes and uh Tangled…