Meals we like

Beef rigatoniSausages, pasta, veg, beef stock plus sour creme/yoghurt
Gousto chicken lemongrass curry
Gousto risotto bolognese
Sausages and mashSausages, potato, veg, gravy
Fake toad in the holePancake batter (flour, egg, milk, sunflower oil), sausages, veg, gravy
Fish cakes and couscous
Tuna, tomato pastaTuna, little tomatoes, green beans, olives, oregano, pasta
Chicken jambalayaChicken, rice, paprika, peppers, cajun spice
Pulled porkPork, dark sugar, paprika, salt, rice, wraps, nachos
Smoky Spanish chickenChicken, green beans, lemon, chicken stock, garlic, rice, paprika
Green Thai curryLloyd grossman sauce, chicken (optional), veg, rice
Egg fried riceEgg, rice, veg, cashews, sweet chilli sauce
Stir fryNoodles, veg, chicken/salmon (optional), soy sauce
BologneseMince, veg, pasta, tinned tomatoes, stock, garlic bread
ChiliMince, kidney/canellini beans, veg, rice, nachos
Moroccan minceMince, apricots, chickpeas, moroccan spice, rice/couscous
Sausages and pastaSausages, pasta, tinned tomatoes, veg
Carbonara with sausage/meatballs
Pasta meatballsMeatballs, tinned tomatoes, stock, veg, pasta
Roast chicken dinnerWhole chicken, veg for steaming, potatoes for roasting, gravy
Roast chicken in one baking tinWhole chicken, lemon, potatoes, carrot, leek, thyme, butter
Salmon with potatoesSalmon, new potatoes, steamed veg
Beef stewBeef, root veg, stock, worcester sauce
Chicken casseroleChicken breast, veg, stock, tomatoes
Gousto moussakaLamb mince, aubergine, cinnamon, onion, cheese, potato, oregano, garlic, stock, timmed tomatoes
CurryCurry sauce, chicken, veg, rice, naan
Sausage and apple bakeOnion, sausage, apples, parsnips, honey
Ham and egg curried noodlesHam, egg, noodles, curry powder, peas, spring onion
Cheese pasta bakeBacon/salmon, pasta, cheese sauce, peas
Risotto salmonArborio rice, veg, stock, salmon, pine nuts
Risotto cheeseArborio rice, veg, stock, parmesan, ham
Risotto vegArborio rice, veg, stock
Ham, eggs and chips