Credit where credit’s due

So Monica Lent is to blame for this version of my blog. A long time ago I had a Tumblr account/blog/whatever the noun is for a collection of Tumblr posts, and I’ve written a bunch of tech content on which I’ll migrate or cross-post here, but I’d been meaning to have a place I could write things (both private and public) and Monica did a 7 day blogging series which coincided with a particularly busy period of work and the imminent arrival of my second child so I didn’t write complete the challenge.

Fast forward to now and I just setup a WordPress blog on my phone and wrote 3 or 4 posts with a few more ideas, plus the cross-posting I want to do at some point. A damn site easier than getting Next.js or whatever I was fiddling with working exactly as I wanted!

Here’s to more writing in the future, thanks Monica!